Top 5 Best FREE Software for PC in 2022

These 5 software programs are actually really good and free!

These are the Top 5 Best FREE Software for PC in 2022
1. Audacity
This brings us to the first piece of free software and that's Audacity. You can get it at audacity So what is Audacity? And why would you get it? Well, right here. It's free open source and also cross platform audio software. So basically, you can record audio and then you can also edit audio using Audacity and it has tons of very powerful tools. So let's say for instance, that maybe you want to pull together a podcast or even for YouTube videos. Once you've finished installing audacity, you'll land in an interface that looks like this. Right up here you can choose your audio source or the microphone that you want to record. Over here. You can also choose your speaker here I can check the levels and once I'm ready to record, I'll simply click on this red Record icon. And right now look at that I am recording. Once I'm all done, I can click on the Stop icon and I get playback to hear what it sounds like. Over on the right hand side. I have all sorts of different tools that I can use to manipulate the audio. I can even add additional tracks. 

2. DaVinci Resolve
 This brings us to free software number two, and that's DaVinci Resolve. You can download it at the following website. It has a video editor, you can color grade. You can also create effects. It has tons and tons of functionality. In fact, Hollywood film studios and TV studios use it to hold together in your projects. Davinci Resolve is a freemium product. That means that you get the base functionality for free. There's also the studio version which is paid for once again, the free version is should give you pretty much most of what you need. Once you finish installing DaVinci Resolve, you'll see an interface that looks like this. And once again DaVinci Resolve has a ton of functionality. There's also a color grading view and this is truly industry leading. And there's also something called fair light where you can modify the audio of your project once you're all done, you can render your project on this final page. At first glance, it might feel a little bit overwhelming to use the issue resolved. 
As one downside DaVinci Resolve for fires a pretty powerful system and if make your computer's a little older or it's unable to run DaVinci Resolve. 
Source: DaVinci Resolve

3. OBS Studio
This now brings us to free software number three and this one's called OBS Studio. You can download it at the website OBS. So what can you do with OBS? Well, you can use it to record your screen and you can also use it for live streaming on YouTube. You can also add all sorts of different effects and filters. You can set your different audio levels, you can set scene transitions, and once you're ready to record you can click on Start recording or you can stream to any one of the most popular services. Let's say you want to go on to Twitch, Facebook, YouTube. You can do all of that through OBS. Now there is a ton of functionality within OBS.
Source: OBS Studio

4. VLC media player
This brings us to free software number four and this one is called the VLC media player.  Well, the great thing is you can pretty much open up any type of video file. In fact, anytime I get a video file, if let's manage Windows Media Player, sometimes it won't work properly. But anytime I try VLC, it's pretty much guaranteed to always open up properly. To download simply click on this download text. Once you finish installing the VLC media player and you open up a file, you'll see an interface that looks a little bit more old fashioned, but don't let that deceive you. There are tons of different capabilities in here all sorts of different effects, all sorts of different filters. Well, you can crop those out using VLC. Or let's say you have a media file and you want to convert the type. So although it's a media player, it has a lot of functionality above and beyond your typical media player.

5. Libre Office
This brings us to free software number five and that's libra office. You can download at So what is leader office? Well, it's an Office Productivity Suite. You get a whole bunch of different applications that will help you be more productive. Within libre office. You get all sorts of different applications. There's also a spreadsheet application called account. You can also pull to the other presentations using something called impress. You have a database application called base. There's also a tool that you can use to write math equations simply called math. And lastly, there's another vector drawing app called libre office draw is an extra bonus of draw. 

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