Google workspace vs Microsoft 365 for business | Which one to choose for your Business?

Google workspace vs Microsoft 365 for business | Which one to choose for your Business?

You can get a 14 day free trial With plans starting at $6 a month. The starter plan includes 30 gigabytes of storage to use across Gmail, Google Drive and all Google Apps.$12 A month gets you 2 TB of storage and additional participants and features for Google's video meeting solution. $18 a month for business plus includes five terabytes of storage more features for video meetings and enterprise features like enhanced security management Google workspace gives you a custom email address via Gmail. It more or less feels identical to a free gmail account except without ads. Google has an amended privacy policy outlining they do not share your data with advertisers on Google workspace accounts. You can access Google Drive, Google Docs and everything you'd come to expect from Google. 
Is it worth paying $6 a month per email address to have your email hosted by Google? In my opinion, Google has the best spam filter in the industry. 
They also have unmatched reliability and where else can you get that clean and smooth experience for your corporate email account? I will say this you don't need a Google workspace account to access Google products and services under your custom email address. What does this mean? Well, Google workspace accounts are really for that email hosting powered by Gmail, plus exclusive workspace apps like Google Currents. 
However, Google workspace is worth it to me for the security features alone. I know that my email account is well protected thanks to the ability to use a physical two factor authentication key. 
This is something Microsoft 365 also offers but in the conversation of using Google workspace or Microsoft 365 versus some no name email hosting, these security features are significant. And these security features are something I want protecting my email address. 

I also appreciate that Google workspace allows you to add custom branding with your company logo. 

Now let's take a look at Microsoft 365 email hosting Microsoft 365 business offers a one month free trial.
With plans starting at just $5 A month. So you get double the free trial length and there's an annual discount available. Google workspace doesn't offer any annual discount so it's nice to see Microsoft offering a cheaper package. All three plans come with the same 50 gigabytes of email storage and one terabyte of OneDrive storage unlike a Google account, which leverages the same pool of storage across email, Google Drive and all other Google Apps, Microsoft has allotted 50 gigabytes for use just with your email address. 
You can then access 1 TB of storage in your OneDrive account for storing files. Microsoft 365 email hosting gives you custom email hosting powered by outlook online, and you can access online versions of Office apps like Word, PowerPoint and Excel with the baseplate. Similar to Google workspace, you could sign up for a free Microsoft account using your domain email address hosted elsewhere and still access Word Online, OneDrive and other free Microsoft services. However, in this scenario, your $5 monthly payment adds quite a bit. Not only do you get email hosting powered by Outlook, you also get that one terabyte of OneDrive space plus upgraded access to Microsoft teams with the free version of Microsoft Teams, you can chat, call, meet up to 300 participants for online meetings.

All of these features come in the base plan of Microsoft 365. But if you move up to the next plan for $12.50 per month per user, you will unlock access to the desktop suite of Office apps. This means you can use the traditional version of Word PowerPoint and Excel on your Mac or Windows computer. Microsoft also offers superior branding options as you can completely customize the sign in screen for users. This is actually a great security enhancement. It may seem silly that adding your logo is a security feature, but it helps protect against phishing attempts in a world where hackers are trying to get you to accidentally enter your email and password into a generic fake Microsoft sign in page or Google Sign In page. Users would immediately pick up on the fact that your logo isn't present on the sign in page and they could clue in that the page is fake. This is a security advantage you won't find with Google workspace Microsoft 365 appears to be a better value on paper thanks to the one terabyte of OneDrive storage, annual discount and access to Microsoft Teams. 

Microsoft 365 outshines Google Workspace in most of the areas. 

Let us know which one do you like the most and why?

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