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How to create Easy Data Entry Forms in Excel

 How to create Easy Data Entry Forms in Excel Quickly learn how to create a Data Entry Form in Excel in under 2 Mins. It is very easy to create one. Here are the step by step instructions to create a data entry form in excel: Step-1: Create an Excel Table (keyboard shortcut – Control + T). Step-2: Bring the Form into the Ribbon

Build an inventory management app using Microsoft Powerapps

 Build an inventory management app using PowerApps | Tutorial | Step by step PowerApps  is, fundamentally, a development platform for mobile and web apps. These are the benefits of this mobile app that we will be building: 1. Allows an organization to track and manage company assets 2. Create and manage company assets 3. View the history of assets Any customer can sign up for a free trial: Here is the video with step by step instructions:

How to setup Microsoft Teams FREE version for Personal

  How to setup Microsoft Teams FREE version for Personal The best place to get started with Microsoft Teams is on  their official Teams website .  Click Download Free Desktop app  button.  You'll be asked to sign in using a Microsoft account (i.e., your personal Microsoft account) or to create one. Here are the step by step instructions  to setup Microsoft Teams FREE version for Personal in this Video:

Best 5 NEW FEATURES of Microsoft Edge | 2020

 The Best 5 NEW FEATURES of Microsoft Edge TIME STAMPS: 0:00 Intro 0:15 Read Aloud and Immersive Reader 2:22 Download the latest version of Edge 2:30 Collections 3:42 Web Capture (screenshot)  5:13 PDF Read Aloud and Ink/Draw on PDF  5:50 Privacy Settings for Tracking Prevention Microsoft Edge is designed to detect and block trackers.  Immersive reader (Reading View) is a  Learning Tool  that allows you to read web content with few distractions and improved focus on reducing strain to your eyesight. Reading view in Microsoft Edge simplifies the layout of text and images, reducing distractions and allowing students to choose how they want to read online publications. Link to Download Latest version of EDGE: Website: Medium: ✅ Subscribe now: DOWNLOAD TUBEBUDDY:

How to remove background noise in Microsoft Teams | Microsoft 365 | 2020

  Just select your profile picture at the top right of Teams and then select  Settings →  Select  Devices  on the left and then, under  Noise suppression , select an option → Select High Roadmap Item  68694 Microsoft documentation:  Reduce background noise in Teams meetings

Power BI Dashboard Tutorial

How to create a dashboard in Power BI Microsoft Power BI is a service from Microsoft 365 that converts data from various data sources to interactive BI reports and dashboards.  In Power bi tutorial, you can quickly connect your data and visualize your data as you need, and share it on sites securely. This power bi desktop tutorial will give a clear idea of power bi’s need,  Power BI provides an interactive visualization of data with self-service BI capabilities.  With Power BI, end users can create their own interactive BI reports and dashboards. In this video, i will show you step by step instructions on how to build a power bi dashboard in under 20 mins. TIME STAMPS: 0:00 - Intri 1:49 - How to download Power BI 3:20 - How to create a custom Background 9:02 - Create a Table 9:28 - Create the Dashboard #Microsoft_365 #power_bi #power_bi_dashboard #power_bi_tutorial

How to Create a Beautiful Interactive Dashboard in Microsoft Excel | 2020

In this topic, we’ll discuss  How to Create a Beautiful Interactive Dashboard in Microsoft Excel using multiple PivotTables , Pivot Charts  and PivotTable tools to create a dynamic dashboard.  Then we'll give users the ability to quickly filter the data the way they want with Slicers and a Timeline, which allow your PivotTables and charts to automatically expand and contract to display only the information that users want to see   You can create a beautiful Dashboard in 4 simple steps: 1. Create Individual charts 2. Create Dashboard Background 3. Create Dashboard 4. Add Slicers