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How to get Microsoft 365 for Free | 2021

  You can get Microsoft 365 for Free in 2021in 5 different ways: Below video describes the the steps ways in detail: 0:34 - 1:13 - Windows 10 Office app 1:53 - Get Office desktop apps if you're an eligible student or teacher 2:17 - Get Office desktop apps at home if you have Office at work 2:34 - Microsoft Rewards Mentioned Websites: - Office 365 on the Web: - Office for education: ... - Microsoft Rewards: Website: Medium: ✅ Subscribe now: DOWNLOAD TUBEBUDDY: #Microsoft365

How to Make Windows 10 Faster for FREE

  Make Windows 10 Faster for FREE! 6 easy and free ways to speed up Windows 10. Make your PC faster without installing an SSD. This is a windows 10 slow performance fix. You can speed up pc with these 6 tips. If your windows 10 slow, then try these tips to Make Windows 10 Faster. Windows 10 tips and tricks ⏱ Timestamps: 0:00 - Intro 0:24 - Delivery Optimization 0:58 - High performance mode 1:25 - Adjust for Best performance 2:17 - Disk Cleanup 3:23 - Max Processor Settings 4:16 - Reset this PC There are a few Windows Settings that you should change to maximize the performance on your Windows PC. Of all the options, we start with the Power Options. Change Power Plan 1. Open Settings and click on “System”. 2. Now click on “Power & Sleep” menu on the left pane. After that, click on “Additional Power Settings” on the right pane. 3. In the Control Panel window, choose “High Performance” as your power plan. That’s it. You should see a performance jump from now on. Disable Deli