Build Cloud Inventory Management App with PowerApps and SharePoint

In this video, you will learn how to Build a Cloud Inventory Management App. You will also learn how to Create SharePoint List and connect PowerApps to it. You will also learn how to create a Dashboard and add Power BI Dashboard inside PowerApps. 

You will also learn how to add Barcode Scanner and the PowerApps Search Function, Filter Function & combine both. These functions are useful to allow users to search through all items in your data source and/or filter your data. We will build a search box, look at delegation (working with large data sources e.g. SharePoint Lists) & understand why Search function may not return all items with SharePoint as a data source. We will explore delegable functions like StartsWith & look at a technique of performing search against a filtered (delegable) result set.

⏱ Timestamps:
0:00 - Intro
2:31 - Step 1: Create SharePoint List and connect PowerApps to it
4:17 - Step 2: Create Home, Dashboard and Contact Screen
20:13 - How to Setup Search Button and How to overcome 500 row limit in PowerApps
22:56 - How to add a barcode scanner
24:04 - Customize Power App

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