How to use Power BI | Beginner Tutorial in 2022

Every company has Data. All they need a good business analytical tool, which can help them visualize that and Power BI is one of the best data analytical tools currently in the industry. And I will be showing you how you can use your data set and build beautiful charts such as this one in such an easy manner and Power BI has a built in AI feature that helps you build charts in such less time. Alright, without wasting any time. Let's get started.  Step number one, we need the data set and Microsoft has provided the free data set on their website. I will put the link in the description below so that you can download the data set directly from their website. Once you have your data set downloaded. All you need to do is just click on Get Data Click on Excel workbook and select your Excel file and click on Load.  Once your file is loaded onto Power BI you will see these two sections fields and visualizations. Under fields you will see all the columns that you have. And the symbol icons

How to Overcome 500 item limit in PowerApps | Tips and tricks

By default, the search button does not work if you want to search in multiple columns. That is another limitation to this entire gallery is that it can only search up to 500 rows. That's one of the limitations of the gallery. There is a workaround for that. The first step that you need to do is go to File, then go to Settings, then scroll down to the bottom. As you can see over here, the data rule limit is set to 500. What you can do is you can increase this limit up to 2000. Even if you try to increase further it will say that it needs to be below 2000. So this is the first thing that you can do. So set the data roll limit up to 2000. Once you have done that, you can close this.  The second thing that we need to do is we need to change the search criteria for the Browse gallery. So once you click on that, paste this command in the items under the Items section. So what we are doing is we are basically filtering the data from the source which is our inventory which is a SharePoin

How to create custom Dropdowns in PowerApps

Today I will be showing you how you can add drop downs in your form directly. This is how the drop down menu will look like.  We will be doing this with the help of SharePoint list without wasting any time. Let's get started. You can do this by creating a new SharePoint list. Right now. This app is connected to a main SharePoint list database, which is called inventory. What I'm going to do is I'm going to create a new list. So I'm going to go to the homepage of my SharePoint website. And I'm going to click on the plus sign over here on the left hand side, and I'm going to click on list let's click on create a blank list. Let's name it status. Now let's click on Create. Alright, perfect. So now we have our SharePoint list created. So what I'll do is I'll just add new entries over here. So click on the new item and just add the items one by one. So first in storage. If we go back, now, another one that we have as decommissioned. So I'm goi

How to build a Non Conformance Reporting Mobile App using PowerApps | Step by step

We will be building this beautiful non conformance reporting app using PowerApps and SharePoint. What is non conformance?  Non conformance reports are commonly known as NCR. They are used and issued by the quality engineers or consultants who are on site to a concern party who deviated from their plan or specification of the construction project.  This report has to be issued as soon as possible even suggested on the same day for faster circulation of document, thus lesser time consumed for rectification. And this is where this app will be immensely helpful for all the quality engineers on site and using this app, they can create new ncr they can view all the NCR so they can even contact the concerned department.  So let me quickly show you the demo of this app. So this is our beautiful homepage and we have three tabs and the first tab you can directly click on it and you can create a new one NCR report where you have the title, date, and car number, the disposition and you have the de

Google workspace vs Microsoft 365 for business | Which one to choose for your Business?

Google workspace vs Microsoft 365 for business | Which one to choose for your Business? Google workspace:   You can get a 14 day free trial With plans starting at $6 a month . The starter plan includes 30 gigabytes of storage to use across Gmail, Google Drive and all Google Apps.$12 A month gets you 2 TB of storage and additional participants and features for Google's video meeting solution. $18 a month for business plus includes five terabytes of storage more features for video meetings and enterprise features like enhanced security management Google workspace gives you a custom email address via Gmail. It more or less feels identical to a free gmail account except without ads. Google has an amended privacy policy outlining they do not share your data with advertisers on Google workspace accounts. You can access Google Drive, Google Docs and everything you'd come to expect from Google.  Is it worth paying $6 a month per email address to have your email hosted by Google? In my

Microsoft 365 vs Office 2021 | Which application suite is most suitable for your office needs?

What is the difference between Office 2021and Microsoft 365?  Well, the main factors that will likely make your decision have to do with the price and also the features available. Office 2021: With Office 2021, you pay a one time fee , and you get a perpetual or lifetime license to Office . So if you're still using this copy of Office that you bought save six years from now, you don't have to pay Microsoft again. Office 2021 comes in two different versions. You have Home and Student and that costs $150 . With that, you get the desktop apps for Word, Excel, PowerPoint OneNote. And you also get Microsoft Teams.  There's another version called home and business that costs $250 and you get everything that's included in home and students, but you also get the addition of Microsoft Outlook. Plus, you can use it for commercial purposes. Now, if this option sounds pretty good, unfortunately, there are some downsides. Microsoft definitely wants more people to choose the Micro

Top 5 No Code Low Code Platforms in 2022

Today we will be reviewing the Top 5 Low Code No Code Platforms for 2022. I'm going to be showing you best in class right now in the market in 2022. Some platforms are good for internal corporate users and some platforms are good for external customer focused businesses. Editor's Choice for Mobile App Builder for External customer focused businesses: Jotforms 1. Jotforms : Source: Jotforms You can use this platform for so many different things. This is so powerful. It is a Drag-and-drop form designer with Huge template and theme libraries. It integrates with PayPal and Square. Jot form for us has been really good in the sense that it's, I really can't stress enough how easy it is to build the forms and then also to integrate with other platforms namely or website platforms or web hosting platforms. We tried out some other form builder tools and for the price, Jotform was the best. It also automatically creates Dashboard reports for you from the responses in the table.

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